Educate + influence + delight with words


Superannuation contribution caps, the “importance” of life insurance, graphs about compound interest, and a Warren Buffett quote thrown in for good measure.

Sound like your website? Your blog? 

It sounds like every other financial planner out there.


The technical stuff can be valuable, but when you mix it with conversational language, stories, personality and a next step, you really start to have an impact.

And future clients saying, “I like you. I trust you. Please help me.”


Rip the cold, technical, snooze-worthy speak from your marketing, and replace it with heart, personality, helpfulness and messages that resonate.

Walk in your clients’ shoes and tell stories that get heads nodding and hands raising.

Sound good?

There are two ways I can help.


Website Words Makeover

Understand your clients' lives. Talk their language.
Invite them to say 'yes' to the next step.

from $3,000


Custom Blog Posts

Tell stories. Share your knowledge.
Without writing a word. 

from $3,000 for 5 articles