Feel like you're doing a bunch of marketing stuff but not getting the results you'd hoped for?

Fred - questions about financial planner marketing

You're pumping out posts to your Facebook page 5 days a week — motivational quotes, news snippets about money, and little graphics of your testimonials.

You've knocked out a website which is full of articles about insurance and super and investments, all courtesy of your dealer group.

You're 'doing video' because every man and his dog says it's the best way to build trust. Authenticity baby!

You're networking with a local business group on a Monday night (after knocking back a few soul-crushing-preventative whiskeys first).

Heck, you even have a 'referral arrangement' with a local accountant and have given them a pile of your expensive, glossy brochures. 


All up, you're doing a whole lot of work, but are none too thrilled with the results. 

New client enquiries are pretty hit and miss. And when they do come in, you'd hardly say they're a perfect fit. 

It's frustrating. And it's wasting time, energy and money. Not just for you, but your team. 

*deep breath*

To do good marketing, you don't have to do everything you think you might have to. Especially the things you don't really dig, or that might get results but don't feel so good.

What you might need, is to take a step back. Think a bit more strategically and creatively. Play to your strengths. Use both your head and your heart.

Build a service that's worth talking about. Tell a story that shows your dream clients you deeply understand them. And gently invite them in when they're ready to get help. 

That's good marketing.

Dividing line

There are two ways I can help


[the foundation]

Marketing that feels good and does good.
Non-icky + anti-awkward marketing that's good for you, 
your team, your (future) clients, your business and the profession.

-- limited spaces available --

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The COMPOUND program
[the doing]

Don't be a marketing one-hit wonder.
Be consistent. Stay 'good'.
And b
uild a tell-a-friend worthy brand.

-- for graduates of the GOOD MARKETING program --