The Good Marketing School

Learn everything you need to know about doing
marketing that feels good and does good.

Just for financial planners. And all for free.


Learn how to attract new clients and
build a tell-a-friend worthy brand

  • Create a one page marketing plan that gives you and your team focus and clarity
  • Makeover your website and get your future clients' heads nodding and hands raising
  • Get attention and stand out in the epically boring sea of financial adviser sameness
  • Create content that will have your audience begging for more
  • Make your offer so irresistible, your ideal clients can't wait to take the next step
  • Use email to connect, help and build relationships with your future clients
  • Move beyond referrals and take control of your marketing
  • De-corporatise and re-humanise your client communications, client email and letter templates

Meet Fred — your good marketing guide


One of the best ways to learn, is to peep over the shoulder of someone who knows what they're doing. 

But that can be a bit tricky when it comes to marketing for financial planners.

Fred - Patience Planning

You end up either blindly copying tactics and things that don't work, or you don't quite understand the nuance that makes the difference between something going swimmingly and something bombing big time.

So say hello to Fred. He runs Patience Planning — an imaginary, small, fee-for-advice financial planning practice.

We're going to be following his journey to 'good marketing'.


Take the 'ick' out of marketing and start doing 'good'


Good marketing feels good.

It's empathetic, kind and helpful.
It's not awkward or uncomfortable.
It's gentle and client-focused.
It delights and invites.


Good marketing also does good.

It educates, entertains and influences.
It inspires and encourages action.
It gets you noticed and remembered.
It's good for others and your business.


Coming soon.

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