[the GOOD MARKETING program]

Marketing that feels good
and does good


Say goodbye to awkward convos, shouty me-me marketing, and icky feelings about selling.

Say hello to friendly marketing that gently pulls the right people towards you and politely pushes the wrong ones away.


Financial planning is no longer a 'sales' profession

Fred - Punch-in-the-face.png

Financial planning is no longer about flogging products and reaping commission rivers of gold.

What you're selling has changed. It's more intangible. It's more transformative. It's more human.

You've (thankfully) become more like a helper than a hawker.

But you're probably still expected to sell. #newclientKPIs

Which, when you're a helper by nature, can get awkward and uncomfortable really fast.


Every time you quote Warren Buffett, a kitten dies


Unfortunately, that shouty, salesy (and horribly boring) marketing still works in the right context.

But goodness, it feels awful.

Not just for your clients, but for you.

And I'm pretty sure you're not in business to make anyone feel like that…

Not you, your team, or your ideal clients.


Say hello to 'good' marketing


Good marketing feels good.

It's empathetic, kind and helpful.
It's not awkward or uncomfortable.
It's gentle and client-focused.
It delights and invites.

Good marketing also does good.

It educates, entertains and influences.
It inspires and encourages action.
It gets you noticed and remembered.
It's good for others and your business.


Build a strong brand that's a 'good' brand


If you want to build a brand that people talk about for all the right reasons, the GOOD MARKETING program is for you.

It's helpful, humble marketing.

And it's good for you, your team, your (future) clients, and your business.


30 days of marketing 'good'ness


You'll do one small thing every weekday, for 30 days.

And you'll transform your marketing into a non-icky, feel good activity that attracts clients you love (and that love you), without ever having to have an awkward referral convo again.



Makeover how you talk about what you do and how you help, and have your dream clients saying, 'Tell me more'.

Package your offer into something so irresistible, your ideal clients can't wait to take the next step.

Learn how to get attention and stand out in the epically boring sea of financial adviser sameness. 


How it works


Every weekday morning, you'll get an email from me with the next step towards doing 'good' marketing.

You'll complete the activity (think fun, challenging and oh so worth it) and hit reply to share your answers, ideas and results. 

I'll have a bo-peep at what you've done, and give you email or video feedback or ask more questions to help nudge you towards something even better. 

And at anytime, you can email me to ask questions, ask for help, or just tell me your fav ice cream flavour. We'll be like marketing pen pals. Or the best value marketing manager, ever!


Join the GOOD MARKETING program

Monday 9 April -
Friday 18 May 2018

You + your team


-- limited spaces available --
-- enrolments close Friday 6 April 2018 --


When happens when I click 'enrol now'?

A new tab will open that asks first for your email address and then for your payment details. That's how to secure your spot and start doing some 'good marketing'.


Got questions? Pop me an email.




Who's the GOOD MARKETING program for?

If you want to build a strong brand and flip your marketing so it's about giving rather than taking, this is for you.

If you want to feel good about what marketing you're putting out into the world, this is for you.

If you want your ideal clients to actually enjoy your marketing and not feel like they're being sold to, this is for you.

If you want private, one-on-one help with your marketing, this is for you.


Who's the GOOD MARKETING program NOT for?

If you want to game the system, go hard on SEO or Facebook ads, or want someone to do everything for you, this isn't for you.

If you like hype and a whole lot of rah-rah, this isn't for you.

If you want new clients next week, this isn't for you.

If you want to spend loads of time on the phone with me, this isn't for you.


How much time will I need to spend on the program?

You'll spend anything from 15 minutes to an hour everyday, working through the daily activity. Sometimes you'll knock it out quickly, and other times you'll need to spend more time thinking deeply about it.

My recommendation is to block out 60 minutes in your calendar every day. If you're a morning person, do it first thing. If you're a night owl, do it then.


Is this all theory and learning, or will I be doing stuff?

It's 90% doing. And all specific to your business.


Will I be working one-on-one with you or in a group?

This program is private. It's just you and me. There are no webinars or Facebook groups or forums.

Working with groups can be awesome when you get the opportunity to ask questions and for feedback from your peers. But that's also what can make them not so good, as they can be distracting and frankly, you can get some not-so-good advice sometimes.


Will I have to do <insert marketing tactic here> to make this 'good marketing' thing work?

No. There are no must-do tactics. It's more about deciding how you're going to fill a particular marketing need, and deciding what suits you, your business and your ideal clients (don't worry I'll give you ideas and help you decide). So if you don't like video or hate Facebook, it's all good. We'll come up with something that's perfect for you.


One hour a day is a big commitment. Can I just do it in one hit once a week, rather than every day?

You could, but I don't recommend it. If you're working on this daily and you miss a day it's easy to catch up the next day. If you miss a week, it's WAAAY harder to catch up.

Also, the daily prompts are designed to help you focus on thinking about a particular topic, maybe even sleep on it, and then share your responses with me for feedback and ideas. Each builds on the last, so those shorter feedback cycles will help keep you on the right track.



When happens when I click 'enrol now'?

A new tab will open that asks first for your email address and then for your payment details. That's how to secure your spot and start doing some 'good marketing'.


Got questions? Pop me an email.