Say hello to COMPOUND

The marketing program that helps financial planners build a tell-a-friend worthy brand


You already know the difference having a financial plan can make.

You get clarity. You gain confidence. You feel in control.

What if you thought about your marketing plan in the same way?

Imagine having a simple, actionable plan that's built around getting results.

Imagine having processes that help your team take consistent, effective action.

Imagine having someone to help you stay on track, to help you make smart decisions and stop you from getting distracted from your goals.


Small marketing actions
Big marketing wins


Doing just one small thing every week, you'll:


Define your dream client (because trying to help everyone is a mugs’ game).

Craft a compelling message that gets into your clients’ hearts and minds.


Design a marketing strategy that’s simple, targeted and gets results.

Create a funnel that helps you consistently attract new clients


Delight your clients and wider network, and watch referrals happen naturally.

Consistently implement your highest priority marketing action items and get results sooner.


Punch "not enough time" disease in the face a metaphorically, non-violent kind of way

Fred - Punch-in-the-face.png

You don't need more time.

You just need to make the effort you invest in your marketing, pay off.

Happier existing clients (hello referrals) and a steady new client flow.

Because when you start with a solid strategy, and follow a process for consistently getting things done, results start to build.

And before you know it, your marketing starts pulling the right people towards you, and (politely) pushing the wrong ones away.


The nitty gritty


Here's how we'll work together:


Done with you (not for you)

You'll learn the what, why and how of financial adviser marketing. You'll have structure around implementation so your team consistently makes progress. And you'll have guidance and support, to help get things done.

Private and distraction free

There are no group coaching calls. No forums. No webinars. No community. No Facebook group. It’s private and distraction free. That means a singular focus on what you need to do next -- your progress, and your results. 


Less meetings, more doing

We'll work together via email (mostly), phone, video and screen-sharing. We'll communicate every week via a central online hub. You'll have information at your fingertips so your time is spent taking action, rather than wondering what's next.

Learn, do, adjust

You'll learn key concepts via written and video lessons. You'll complete guided activities to build out your marketing plan. And you'll receive fast, personalised feedback and ideas, to refine and improve your work.


Whole team on board

Great marketing isn't just about client-attraction tactics. It touches everything -- your client experience, how you communicate your advice, and a whole lot in between. That means your whole team needs to be on board; not just the "rainmaker".

Get unstuck

You'll have a sounding board and expert eye; the benefits of a second opinion and an alternate point of view. And you'll have someone to help you solve marketing problems, remove roadblocks to your progress, and help you get results.


Get a couple of new clients and it pays for itself


-- Solo --
1 adviser team

[includes your whole team]

$1,000 / month
12 month minimum commitment

-- Small Biz --
2+ adviser team

[includes your whole team]

$1,400 / month
12 month minimum commitment