Marketing ideas for financial planners

A fun idea to help your 'About' page stand out and be memorable

If your website’s ‘About’ or ‘Team’ page is a bit boring, lacking in personality and kind of forgettable, you might want to add a little conversation starter and hint of human. It will help you stand out and be remembered.

Sometimes the best marketing doesn't feel like marketing

If you're a financial planner, the instant you mention money in your marketing, a little switch is unconsciously flicked in the minds’ of your audience. And an unwanted wall – sometimes thick, sometimes thin – magically appears between you and your potential ideal clients.

Let’s get ready to rumble: Financial planning strategy battles that help tell client stories

Telling client stories is a simple way to help future clients and your professional network, understand what you do and who you serve. But apart from the grab-a-tissue insurance claim stories, or inspirational “I achieved my dreams” stories, there’s not much variety going around. That means it's easy to stand out.