Two simple words that help people say 'yes' to financial advice

There’s a lot of Aussies who know they need to do something about their money situation. But they also feel embarrassed about where they’re at. There’s shame, guilt, regret. A sense of failure.

That makes it very hard to ask for advice. But there’s something you can do to help.

A fun idea to help your 'About' page stand out and be memorable

If your website’s ‘About’ or ‘Team’ page is a bit boring, lacking in personality and kind of forgettable, you might want to add a little conversation starter and hint of human. It will help you stand out and be remembered.

Please stop marketing

In the coming weeks, you're probably going to hear a whole lot of, "How financial planners can rebuild trust and reputations in a post Royal Commission world", type opinion pieces. Spoiler alert. This is one of them. But this isn't about writing to your clients and reinforcing the good work you do.

One dodgy website practice to avoid (especially if you’re tempted to use the word “independent”)

There’s been a lot of talk recently, about compliance surrounding the use of the words “independent” and “independently owned”, in the communication, marketing and websites of financial advice practices. Advisers seem confused. ASIC seem confused. Hefty fines are up for grabs. And one tiny mistake on your website, could be your downfall.

"Everyone needs a financial planner" is a trust killer

There’s a piece in the trust equation, around how we communicate in the financial planning industry, that's missing. And that missing piece, what we say or don't say, and what we do or don't do, has a big impact on what people think.

Sometimes the best marketing doesn't feel like marketing

If you're a financial planner, the instant you mention money in your marketing, a little switch is unconsciously flicked in the minds’ of your audience. And an unwanted wall – sometimes thick, sometimes thin – magically appears between you and your potential ideal clients.

8 examples of using personality in financial services communication

How often have you looked at a fellow financial planner’s website, blog or other client communication, and responded with a silent “meh”, because it reads the same as everyone else’s? It’s dry. It’s corporate. And it’s a vacuum of personality.

Let’s get ready to rumble: Financial planning strategy battles that help tell client stories

Telling client stories is a simple way to help future clients and your professional network, understand what you do and who you serve. But apart from the grab-a-tissue insurance claim stories, or inspirational “I achieved my dreams” stories, there’s not much variety going around. That means it's easy to stand out.