You're already a step ahead


As a fee-for-advice financial planner, you're already ahead of the curve.

You understand the link between where value lies and fees are drawn.

And how important it is for those two elements to align.

Because if you say, "I'm not about products", but then charge fees via commissions and percentages, you create a mismatch in your clients' eyes. 

And that disconnect is a killer for your marketing.


But the fee-for-advice sector is growing.

The independent sector is growing.

And soon that "fee only" or "independent" differentiator, won't be.

That's a big win for consumers. 

But it also means you might need to think differently about how you can continue to stand out from the crowd.


You know what I think?

Fred winking

I believe the best marketing is helpful.
It combines your head with your heart.
It's smart and empathetic.

It educates, entertains and influences.
It inspires and encourages action.
It gets you noticed and remembered.

And is driven by a deeply held belief that your clients are at the centre of everything you do.


Oh hey there


Hello. I'm Susie Munro.

  • I speak your language
    [I've worked in financial services since 2003]
  • I help you get stuff done 
    [I've had roles in project management, training, implementation and practice management]
  • I help you create great marketing
    [I've got a Bachelor of Business (Management/Marketing) and learn new things every day through books, articles, webinars and training] 
  • I make things simple and easy
    [I've got a Bachelor of Teaching ... and a simple brain]
  • I help you think like a consumer
    [I'm one step removed and can help you walk in your clients' shoes]
  • I secretly wish someone would nail the female, Gen X, cat and ice-cream loving, don't-put-me-thru-a-gazillion-meetings, online-only financial planning niche
    [I might be your first customer]

Who I work with

Fred happy high five

I work with fee-for-advice and independent financial planning practices, or those who are on the path to being one.

I work with smart, fun, improvement focused teams ... the kind of people you could high-five, without it seeming all weird (okay, maybe a bit weird).


Who I don't work with

Sad face

I don't work with financial planning practices that think improving their marketing, communication and client engagement is a "have to do", rather than a "want to do". If I have to convince you of the value, we aren't a good fit.

I don't work with risk specialists, unless you're fee-based and future-proofed.