Stop drowning in the sea of sameness

Fred in a sinking boat

Most financial planners all sound the same.

  • "We act in your best interests"
  • "Get your financial house in order"
  • "Combined 63 years experience"
  • "Advice that's tailored to you"

That makes it pretty hard for your dream clients to find you.

The fix?

Decide your market. Nail your message. Get it in front of the right people.

And stop sounding like a steaming pile of corporate mumbo jumbo.

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Your biggest marketing weapon is empathy


Great marketing doesn't start with a snazzy website, the latest 'guru-said-to' tactic, or a slick personal brand.

Sometimes that stuff can help. 

But something else always comes first... 

The people you're trying to help.

Start with a deep and empathetic understanding of your ideal clients' worries, questions, dreams and aspirations.

Then meet them were they are, and give them what they need.

And selling, becomes a whole lot easier.


Marketing is easier with ripping content


Start by giving and take the sleaze out of selling.

  • Share a client story with a referral partner
  • Give away a cheat sheet to help your dream clients
  • Explain a concept on video you can use over and over again
  • Tell a cracking yarn to share what you've learned

Be helpful. Be human. Be ruthlessly good.

And let your content do the selling.

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Fingerprint quotes

"She has an amazing depth of knowledge of the financial services industry, not to mention marketing and content creation."

--- Lea Schodel

Fingerprint quotes

"I have known Susie to be an enthusiastic, personable marketing-specialist and an absolute pleasure to work with."

--- Ronald Sier
[See Beyond Numbers]

Fingerprint quotes

"She impresses with her financial planning knowledge ... which coupled with her expertise in digital marketing and copy writing make her an obvious choice."

--- Simon Wotherspoon
[Wotherspoon Wealth]

Fingerprint quotes

"She offers my firm significant value and our investment has already been re-couped."

--- James Cruz
[Evolution Financial Planning]